Mobile and Credit Card Payment for workplace Micro-Market

OTI provides cashless payment solutions for office and workplace micro market vending. Our solutions incorporate EMV secured payment acceptance for micro market kiosks and healthy vending machines supporting mobile payments, credit and debit cards. Many organizations are looking to have fresh healthy vending providing them with healthy office snacks daily.

Micromarket vending operators can also leverage on the micro market analysis capabilities. The system allows them to finetune the exact location of their fresh food vending machines, know the exact stock level at any time and even do marketing promotions at the point of purchase.

OTI’s secure kiosk cashless payment solution is intended for micro market vending companies as well as micro-market kiosks vendors and suppliers, and can be built into new machines or be retrofitted to old vending machines. OTI’s offers best-in-class payment platform for vending, foodservice and hospitality.

What is Micro Market Vending?

Micro-Market (also known as MicroMarket) usually refers to a self-contained, self-checkout and unattended (no employees or cashiers) small food facility located inside a corporate, office or workplace and usually serves the employees at their work location. In most cases it’s comprised of refrigerated storage and shelves that hold the products. Workplace micro markets are honor-system based and a self-checkout payment system is found nearby allowing employees to pay for their selection. Despite the concept’s similarity to autonomous vending machine, no products are being vend to the consumer and a single corporate micro market usually replaces several vending machines.

Cashless payments in corporate, office and workplace Micro Market

Workplace Micro Markets can be categorized anywhere between convenience stores (C-store), vending or employee break rooms. They are kind of a new breed of retail food establishments – mini-retail. C-store customers usually seek for the best higher-quantities – cheaper-prices ratio. Micro Markets are not intended to compete in this space. They are designed to provide a hassle-free purchase experience of one to several items at a time but they may be accessed several times a day. Micro-market kiosks equipped with scanner and OTI’s micro-market cashless payment solution offer an intuitive and flawless shopping experience that is fast and reliable.

OTI Do-it-Yourself Self-Checkout
Self-checkout Kiosk, Off-the-shelf cashless payment and connectivity solution for self-checkout kiosks

Cashless payment acceptance solution for Self-Service Kiosk Environments

otiKiosk provides kiosk system developers with an easy and affordable way to integrate pre-certified EMV payment acceptance solution into their system. The system provides kiosk operators with advanced remote management capabilities of both hardware and software.

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Ultra Compact NFC Contactless Reader
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