PayEnable – Digital Enablement of Contactless Payment for Wearables

Internet-of-Payment-Things (IoPT) and Wearables – OTI’s PayEnabled technology

PayEnable – from any device to payment device

  • secure cashless payment capabilities – used to make payments wherever cashless payments are accepted
  • secure authentication capabilities – so they can start their car, get on a train, open a door, or do anything else that requires authentication

OTI provides manufacturers and designers with the ability to add PayEnable technology  to almost anything they produce so their products can offer its owners with:


The technology relies on Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and allows PayEnabled products to store information, connect with other devices and communicate with cloud applications providing manufacturers to add to their products virtually limitless capabilities.

Security above all

PayEnable technology relies on OTI’s extensive experience with secure payments and authentications. Each product was designed to incorporate the highest security standards while all the sensitive information is stored on a trusted Secure Element. Communication between devices and the cloud is achieved using encrypted algorithms.

Multiple Applications

A product carrying the PayEnabled by OTI mark allows merchants to offer their own branded consumer product with additional functionality. Their product can become also a credit card, a loyalty or membership card, gift-cards and much more, allowing them to add to their wearable garment, accessory, gadget device, etc. value added functionalities that would attract their customers.

Secure Payment Enabler for Any Device
Wearable Secure Payment and Authentication