Interactive Self-Service Kiosk Payment for Quick Service Restaurants

Cashless self-checkout solutions – enhancing consumer’s buying experience

OTI provides cashless payment for self-service kiosk that lately became commonly available in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Our solutions incorporate EMV secured payment acceptance not only for fast food restaurants but for the entire fast-casual industry. These EMV cashless readers support mobile payments, credit cards and debit cards. Self-service kiosks are not intended for cheap diners but are popular among the most modern and fashionable fast-service restaurants.

The US fast-casual restaurants market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10% between 2016-2020 according to Technavio. Owing to the growing health-consciousness among consumers, the fast-casual restaurants in the US are introducing healthy meals in their food menus. They are coming up with nutritious options and unique, high-quality, and better-for-you food ingredients to help customers in reducing their total calorie intake. Some quick service restaurants even offer fresh salads in their menu, containing fresh vegetables.

Cashless Payment Solutions for Self-Service kiosk

Cashless payment acceptance and remote management solution for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Kiosks and Self-Service Environments otiKiosk provides kiosk system developers with an easy and affordable way to integrate a pre-certified EMV payment acceptance solution into their system, and additionally provides kiosk operators with remote management of their hardware and software.

Self-checkout Kiosk, Off-the-shelf cashless payment and connectivity solution for self-checkout kiosks
Self service kiosk

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