otiPulse – Cashless Payment Solution for Coin-Op Pulse Machines

Coin-operated pulse machines have been a part of all our lives for more than a century. Children’s rides, prize machines, photo booths, laundromats, and more recently penny arcades, massage chairs and do-it-yourself dog washes. The future is already here too with Electric Vehicle charging points.

Coin operated machines have always had their share of problems. Coins getting stuck, inserting coins without anything happening, and customers not having the right change in their pockets. These are the little inconveniences consumers have experienced for many years.

  • Lockers (eg. Ski boots in chalets, fun parks, railway stations)
  • Laundromats
  • Prize Machines
  • Game Machines
  • Kids & Amusement Arcades
  • Massage Chairs
  • Photo Booths
  • Car Wash
  • Dog Wash
  • Public Toilets

otiPulse is a cashless payment enabling solution for nearly every kind of coin operated machine

Advantages of a Cashless Payment System for Pulse Machines

Adding cashless payment abilities to your coin-operated machine opens up new revenue streams. In the process, by connecting your machine to the cloud, significant costs savings can be achieved by more streamlined and efficient management.

Some research shows enabling cashless payments can increase revenue and profitability by as much as 28%. Consumers are likely to use your machine multiple times in the one visit, simply because they don’t need an endless supply of coins or bank notes to feed into the machine.

Benefits of Being Connected

Connecting your machine to the network allows you to run your machines much more efficiently. Cloud management systems provide real-time status data for each machine. This saves money in two ways. Firstly, there will be less downtime when a machine is not working (power status and tamper alerts). Secondly, there will be fewer costs servicing the machine (staff, theft, cash handling).


Cashless payments for your pulse machine
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