Dog Wash Cashless Solution

Dog Wash Cashless Solution / Self-Service Pet Wash Station

Self-service dog washes offer dog lovers the fun and convenience of being able to wash their pets without making a huge mess in their own homes.

Do-it-yourself dog washing stations are found in pet supply stores, large apartment complexes, gas stations, vet clinics, shopping malls, campgrounds, beaches and dog parks.


Cashless Payments Are Here
Self-service dog washing stations are popping up everywhere, enabling operators to really clean up! However many customers don’t carry money with them, especially when they are out walking their pets. Many customers want to be able to pay using credit cards, debit cards or mobile payment devices.

otiPulse_logo For Your Self-Service Pet Wash

OTI’s otiPulse solution adds vital cashless payment ability to your self-service dog wash. Our modular otiPulse solution includes easy-to-install hardware, and an easy-to-use terminal management system (TMS). Now your machine is connected, imagine sitting in the comfort of your office or in your local café with a smart phone or tablet, and being able to access all the operational information of your self-service dog wash including:

  • Status reports
  • Time and date
  • Detergent levels
  • Water pressure readings
  • Vandalism or tampering alerts
  • Coin counts and payments made
  • Electricity use

You will make more revenue by adding otiPulse to your machine, gaining considerably more customers who like to use cashless payment methods. You will also make significant savings by reducing downtime, not spending so much time handling cash and not having to spend time checking detergent levels in person.