Car Wash – Cashless Solution

Self-Service Car Wash – Cashless Solution

Automated car washes offer a quick, convenient and cost effective way for car owners to keep their cars clean.

Many car owners love taking care of their own cars and prefer using self-service washing bays that offer the convenience of professional car washing equipment 24/7.

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Is Your Money Driving By?

Most customers want a quick car wash, and if they don’t have the correct change to put into the machine, they will likely drive right on by. Another missed opportunity. People using self-service washing bays have trouble finding the correct coins or cash after business hours, accounting for substantial losses to the unattended car wash operators.

Some figures show that nearly half the consumers in the western world now prefer using cashless payment methods (including mobile payment devices) to pay for their goods and services. By integrating cashless payment readers into your car wash or self-service washing bay machines, many customers will find it easier to wash and dry their cars using your convenient service.

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Our modular otiPulse Solution includes easy-to-install hardware, and an easy-to-use cloud management system. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your office or enjoying a coffee in a café with your smart phone or tablet, and being able to access all the operational information of your laundromat including:

  • Status reports
  • Vandalism or Tampering alerts
  • Coin counts and payments made to each machine
  • Electricity use for each machine
  • Detergent levels