Add credit and mobile payments acceptance to your photo booth machines

Photo Booths and Photo Sticker Machines cashless solution

Automated coin-operated photo booths have been a part of our lives for more than 100 years. Who hasn’t got a picture with their favorite high school sweet heart?

Photo booths were historically used for passport photographs. But over the last few decades they have grown in popularity around the world. Today, Photo Sticker machines are huge in Asia and growing in popularity around the rest of the world. Being coin-operated, many photo booth operators are missing out on the huge growth in cashless payments made by consumers, especially in the younger demographic, who are the main users of photo booths.

Some say more than 50% of younger consumers don’t carry cash around with them anymore and prefer using mobile wallet payment methods like Apple Pay or Android Pay via contactless card and mobile devices equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC).

OTI Photo Booths

For Your Photo Booths

Double Your Revenue By Going Cashless

By enabling your unattended photo booth or photo sticker booth with the ability to accept cashless payments, you could potentially double your customer base overnight.

otiPulse is a cashless payment solution for unattended photo booths and sticker photo booths. Firstly you can accept payments from any card, contactless card or mobile payment device (ie. Apple Pay, Android Pay). Secondly, our easy to use terminal management system (TMS) provides real time information about your photo booth. Information can include:

  • How much revenue has been made (cashless and coin count)
  • Level of photographic paper
  • Printer status
  • Power status
  • Tamper/Vandalism alerts

All this information and more can be accessed from the comfort of your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also receive real time alerts via SMS.

Retrofit coin-only pulse machine with cashless payment and connectivity

EMV Cashless Readers
3-in-1 Contactless, Swipe & Chip Cashless Reader
NFC and FeliCa Contactless Reader with Display
Ultra Compact FeliCa and NFC Contactless Reader
Ultra Compact NFC Contactless Reader
EMV Pre-Certified Contactless OEM Reader Board
M2M Controllers and Gateways
Machine telemetry controller
Cloud Based Management Suites


TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts