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OTI Innovation Project newsflash

PertoSmart Puma

Puma WEX IFCS implementation

OTI PetroSmart – WEX (IFCS) VAR, Africa and has been contracted by Puma Energy to implement WEX in Key Markets & EasyFuelPlus, the solution has been rolled out under the brand name iFuelGuard.

The WEX (IFCS) payment processing service is a fuel and fleet payment solution, specially designed for managing and billing sales of petroleum products to fleet customers.  The system includes device management, support for pre and post-paid host authorization, transaction processing, accounting and reporting functions.

OTI PetroSmart is providing extensive system integration services to the project, serving as the data transfer layer facilitating the exchange of information between IFCS and Puma’s ERP.

OTI PetroSmart and WEX (IFCS) development teams have been working hard over the past 18 months to ensure they meet the needs of oil giant Puma Energy, their Retailers and customers in respect of managing the transactions processed through the iFuelGuard Solution,  through the provision of a live solution, transaction repricing and reporting to the relevant entities.

The technology and IFCS implementation have been rolled out to Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana with the South African instance coming on board in Q2 of 2018.

On the back of this Puma Energy / WEX development, we will be launching our offer to the Taxi Associations in the Eastern Cape in South Africa and will provide more details about this project in the next newsletter.



The Intelligent Modular Telemetry Gateway, 3-in-1 NFC Contactless/Chip/Magstripe Cashless Reader

The TRIO IQ introduces an intelligent and sleek ultra-modern, innovative design. Combining an HQ touchscreen, HDMI Full HD multimedia output, Full NFC support, QR Code scan camera, & BLE, all packaged in an elegant, smart design.

The Future of cashless payment has finally arrived with the hyperintelligent TRIO IQ
commercial availability Q3/2019

New office opening  OTI Europa

OTI Europa ASEC – April 2018 was a notable month for the Polish-based company.  After nearly eighteen years, the organization moved its headquarters to the new upmarket offices at Buma Square in Krakow.

This change reflects the company’s new strategy aimed at expanding its portfolio and entering additional international markets.

The market of financial technology solutions evolves rapidly and to acknowledge that challenge, OTI Europa new relocation is part of an overall plan to keep up with latest market trends and offer their customers the most up-to-date innovative solutions and products. OTI Europa wishes to further develop this successful company into assessing the way it operates; motivate and encourage performance; build employee and customer perception of the business.

The modern and comfortable atmosphere of the new offices is to enable employees to identify new company strategy and to facilitate the identification of the financial technology innovations market.

Moreover, the relocation process was teambuilding, and the commitment of each team members cooperation was essential to building an active, healthy organization.

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Shlomi COHEN – CEO

Dear OTI Global Team,
We started Q1 2018 with very positive momentum, following 2017 as our record year – first-time profitability after almost three decades.

Q2 at the moment looks so far challenging, but we are making outstanding efforts across the board to maximize our revenue – our goal is to present growth in H1 (half year) compared to H1 2017…it is achievable.

I genuinely believe that with all your dedication we will continue to break down walls to achieve our next challenging goals.

I appreciate all your efforts and thank you for being OTI Global team members.


A Chat with our Netherlands Partner

Exclusive interview with Win Van Leeuwen – Valinso

 Profiler Key Account Management Function

PetroSmart customers service

The primary purpose of the Key Account Management team is to ensure that OTI PetroSmart’s customers receive exemplary service; support and information to empower them to obtain the optimum benefit from the OTI PetroSmart AVI solution.

The OTI PetroSmart Key Account Management team consists of eight staff members with a combined 36 years of service at OTI PetroSmart.

All our customers that utilize the AVI solution receive automated monthly reports, detailing their total fuel usage per month as well as identifying any problematic AVI equipment. The Key Account Managers call on the customers on a frequent basis to assist them in understanding the reports and ensuring that they obtain the optimum benefits of the solution.

Many prominent customers, representing more than 10000 vehicles, subscribe to our Bureau Service. These customers receive detailed exception reports about the consumption performance of their fleets and identifying any maintenance on the AVI equipment. The customers also receive daily automated exception reports providing them with the most recent information to detect any refueling anomalies.

Our target at OTI PetroSmart Key Account Management team is to develop and give the best possible service available to our valuable customers.


 Up Close & Personal Francois Snyman

OTI Pertosmart Software Development & IT Manager

  • What is your job, do you enjoy it and why?
    Software Development Manager / General IT manager: It’s quite a challenging position to hold because it spans across multiple professions but you get to meet a lot of interesting people with different views to common challenges.
  • What do you love the most about what you do?
    Rolling out large systems across counties without the call center flooding with new calls.  That means our planning / building and testing were spot on and our teamwork paid off.
  • How long have you worked at PS? And what have been the changes along the way?
    This August should be 14 years.  I started as a software developer on the MediSmart product and moved on to eventually become the product owner.  From there I moved to software development manager for OTI Petrosmart and that is where I find myself today.
  • What made you decide that PS was the place for you?
    The diversity of the systems that we build and maintain is quite fascinating and keeps me on my toes.
  • Do you feel that OTI has a family feeling?
    There is definitely a family feeling in many of our departments and the leadership of Charlotte and Mark is invaluable during trying times.
  • As a global competitor, how does OTI stand in today’s market?
    Our products have started to gain good traction with the bigger players in the market and we are working on a number of initiatives to become the number 1 global AVI supplier.
  • What are the focus points of OTI as a solution leading company?
    Well our main focus / platform is contactless and from there we branch out to contactless payments, contactless vehicle identification, contactless medical services etc.  That convenience factor and our drive for innovation remain our focus points.
  • As OTI/PS expands in 2018 where do you see Us in 2020+?
    By that time our AVI solutions should cover most continents and we should be the main supplier of AVI technology to every major player in the petroleum industry.
  • What interesting stories do you have regarding PS?
    Well, this one time at a yearend function…let me stop right there. 🙂

OTI Pertosmart Software Development & IT Team

Amir Eilam VP R&D Leader with his winning Team

OTI R&D-Department

The OTI R&D team supports the competitive market within the company’s global arena. The department researches and analyses current market products as well as the new trends within the industry. This research aids the company and its subsidiaries into developing and modernizing unique, innovative solutions.
The OTI R&D team supports the future of the company directly based on the products it presents and solutions it creates for the cashless payment industry.

OTI Q2 timeline recap

  • June 1st – OTI Europa moves into brand new offices at Buma Square, Krakow. OTI Global wishes them continuing success at their new location
  • May 31st – On Track Innovations, presented at the Ladenburg Thalmann Technology Expo in New York –  Management held one-on-one meetings & presented to an influential International business forum
  • May 29th – OTI Europa secures New Ticketing Contract in Poland, signing a new agreement, providing intermediation tickets sales for trains operated by Mazowieckie Railways in Poland.
  • May 9th – On Track Innovations Ltd. Report robust First Quarter 2018 Financial Results Q1 2018 Revenues Increase 46% to $5.9 Million
  • May 8th – On Track Innovations, hosted Corporate Update Webinar – Management presented an overview of OTI’s business model, growth initiatives, and milestones.
  • April 25th – On Track Innovations Ltd. Reported First Quarter 2018 Financial Results and Host Conference Call
  • April 10th – On Track Innovation, successfully presented at The MicroCap Conference, New York
  • April 4th – OTI Europa signs New Contract with Polish National Post Office (Poczta Polska S.A.) To Manage Warsaw’s Public Transportation “Smart City” Card Program
  • April 2nd – OTI America moves into brand new offices at Research Blvd,
  • Austin.  OTI Global wishes them continuing success at their new location.
  • March 28th – OTI Europa ASEC Signs Contract with Public Transport Authority (ZTM) for the design, execution, and implementation of the “Kasa +” system to support Passenger Service Points in and around Warsaw.

 OTI Smart

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