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FinTech by OTI Global
We innovate, design and deliver secure cashless payment solutions.

OTI Global
 (NASDAQ: OTIV) The pioneer and leading developer in innovative FinTech, including near field communication. Three decades of unparalleled experience, OTI provides businesses globally with innovative solutions, forging new business models, growing revenues, streamlining, and creating measurable value for end users.

OTI’s field-proven series of cashless payment solutions based on an extensive (IP) Intelligent Property portfolio, including registered and patented applications worldwide. OTI’s has established an international reputation for reliability, development, and implementing unmatched support for its customers. Deploying hundreds of thousands of FinTech solutions to Automated Retail, Self-Service Kiosk, Micro-Markets, Unattended Vending, EV charging stations, coin-op Pulse, Mobile, IoT Wearables, smart ATM, fuel management systems, mass transit e-ticketing & cryptocurrency payment solutions,

OTI serves a global network of regional offices, supporting clients, partners & franchisees with its unique cashless payment solutions.

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