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EasyFuelPlus Mobile Bowser Fuel Management Solution

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Reduce costs and increase productivity with OTI PetroSmart’s fuel management solution for mobile refueling trucks, tankers and mobile bowser vehicles

Mobile fuel trucks (also referred to as fuel tankers and mobile bowsers) allow the efficient refueling of fixed plant machinery as well as providing refueling facilities to equipment that is operating in remote areas, where it is not practical or cost effective to use fixed refueling facilities.

Whilst mobile fuel trucks often form an invaluable part of an operation’s refueling plan, many problems are realized due to inaccuracies of manual administration, fraudulent activity and simply keeping track of wetstock.

Industrial mobile fueling operators need complete control of mobile bowser dispensing pumps to:

  • Ensure maximum accuracy with minimum human intervention
  • Provide a secure fueling environment
  • Minimize fuel loss through wastage and theft

Mobile Bowser Fuel Management Solution

EasyFuelPlus solutions are available packaged together into a built-for-purpose unit for use on mobile bowsers/tankers.

The EasyFuelPlus Mobile Bowser Unit is a purpose-built automation system designed to control the dispensing of fuel from mobile fuel trucks.

The Mobile Bowser Unit can be located either on a mobile tanker truck, temporary skid tank, or another industrial fuelling facility in an enclosure close to the filling point. In a mobile tanker installation, the vibration-proof, double-walled stainless steel cabinet can be installed in a suitable position on the vehicle behind the vehicle cab.

Mobile refueling

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