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Automated Fuel Management Solution for Industrial and Mining Operations

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For any industry that uses machines or vehicles – whether moving or fixed, whether road, rail, water or air – the control and monitoring of fuel usage is one of the primary challenges in the management of refueling expenses. Fuel can account for as much as 40% of operational costs, so it is crucial to manage it effectively.

Industrial & Mining Fuel Management Challenges

Fuel Management Solutions can be used widely across industrial and mining sites to help eliminate manual processes, security issues and inefficient operations in refueling, all of which lead to reduced profitability.

Manual Processes

  • Manual Note-taking
  • Manual ERP Entry
  • Manual Billing Processes
  • Manual Audit Processes
  • Data Input Errors
  • Manual Odometer and Engine Hour Reading & Recording

Loss & Inefficiency

  • Theft & Fraud by Operators
  • Over Consumption of Machines and Vehicles
  • Restricted Refueling Hours
  • Lack of Regulatory Compliance
  • Slow Site Operation
Industrial Mining/

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