Cashless Payment Solution for e-Ticketing

OTI subsidiary ASEC S.A. designs, develops, installs and operates electronic ticketing systems and especially ticket sales and distribution networks. ASEC is a leading provider of contactless public transport and parking systems in Poland (multi application systems). ASEC’s ticket sales networks include ticket vending machines and POS terminals where passengers load electronic tickets, paper and magnetic paper tickets, as well as load electronically parking fees for parking in the city of Warsaw. ASEC’s customers may also load cellular prepaid cards on all ASEC’s ticket vending machines. ASEC markets and sells contactless, contact and mag-stripe card readers and reader modules based on RFID technologies. As a member of OTI group of companies ASEC’s expanded offer of products and solutions includes:

  • MasterCard and Visa certified payment RFID readers
  • TRIO (contactless, contact, mag-stripe) MC and Visa certified readers
  • UNO NFC readers, and other reader modules based on RFID technologies, as well as
  • Smart NFC devices like the Wave which is in one version bridging the gap between yet NFC unequipped smartphones (like Apple) and in another version, provides PKI security to web based transactions.
  • Easy Fuel – a comprehensive payment and fuel management solution for oil companies, fleets and retail

EMV Cashless Readers
3-in-1 Contactless, Swipe & Chip Cashless Reader
NFC and FeliCa Contactless Reader with Display
Ultra Compact FeliCa and NFC Contactless Reader
Ultra Compact NFC Contactless Reader
EMV Pre-Certified Contactless OEM Reader Board
M2M Controllers and Gateways
Machine telemetry controller
Cloud Based Management Suites


TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts