Cashless Payment & Telemetry Solution for Drinks Vending Machines

Accept Credit Cards in Your Soda Fountain and Beverage Vending Machines

Operators of drinks vending machines are always faced with the challenges of accepting many different kinds of payment methods. Many coin-only vending machines are missing out on customers who wish to pay using credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment apps.

By enabling your drinks vending machines with cashless payment functionality, you will immediately tap into the growing number of consumers who prefer using non-cash payment methods. Some recent research has shown that revenue can grow by more than 30% just by adding cashless payment functionality. The study showed that the overall number of customers grew, and the amount spent per customer also increased.

otiMetry Telemetry and Vending Management System

Telemetry for Drinks Vending Machines

Our otiMetry solution allows drinks vending machines customers to pay using any credit/debit card or mobile wallet, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. otiMetry is also a powerful telemetry solution for vending machine operators.

otiMetry offers a modular solution that will add the convenience of cashless payments to your hot or cold drinks vending machines. otiMetry includes easy-to-install hardware, and an easy-to-use cloud-based terminal management system (TMS). Now your drinks vending machines are connected, you have the added benefit of operating your business much more efficiently, with real time status updates sent to your computer or smart device.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your office and being able to access the real-time operational information of your drinks vending machines.

otiMetry vending management system and telemetry includes the following reports:

  • Drinks refill planning
  • Coin counts and cashless payments data
  • Electricity supply status
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Status reports
  • Remote price updates
  • Usage time and date
  • Temperature readings
  • Vandalism and tampering alerts
  • Remote system software updates
OTI Drinks Vending Machines

Types of Drinks Vending Machines

  • Cola vending machines
  • Hot drink vending machines
  • Soft drink vending machines
  • Bottled water vending machines
  • Ice Tea or Ice Coffee vending machines
  • Milk Vending Machines
  • Soda vending machines
  • Cold drink vending machines
  • Energy drink vending machines
  • Cold beverage vending machine
  • Hot beverage vending machine
  • Pop vending machine
  • Vending machines for hot drinks
  • Vending machines for cold drinks
All-inclusive cashless payment and telemetry management system for smart vending machines

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VMS - Vending Management System


TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts