Do-it-Yourself Checkout

Do-it-Yourself Self Checkout

Do it Yourself Checkout

Cashless Payment Systems for Do-it-Yourself Self-Checkout

Cashless payment acceptance and remote management solution for Kiosks and Self-Service Environments otiKiosk  provides kiosk system developers with an easy and affordable way to integrate a pre-certified EMV payment acceptance solution into their system, and additionally provides kiosk operators with remote management of their hardware and software.

Self-checkout Kiosk, Off-the-shelf cashless payment and connectivity solution for self-checkout kiosks

EMV Cashless Readers
3-in-1 Contactless, Swipe & Chip Cashless Reader
NFC and FeliCa Contactless Reader with Display
Ultra Compact FeliCa and NFC Contactless Reader
Ultra Compact NFC Contactless Reader
EMV Pre-Certified Contactless OEM Reader Board
Cloud Based Management Suites
Machine telemetry controller
Multi-service M2M gateway, including Full HD Streaming
M2M Controllers and Gateways


TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts