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Fuel Management Solutions for Corporate Fleet Managers

Operators of car and truck corporate fleets are also looking for ways to streamline their operations. They are looking to get rid of manual administration systems, find ways to eliminate fuel theft and fuel fraudulent activities, want to have a secure payment solution that is accurate and instantly accessible in real time, and want to leverage the best price per liter or gallon of petrol when negotiating with retail fuel companies.

PetroSmart offers a great fuel management solution which addresses many of the pain points faced by corporate fleet managers.

Fuel Card Management Systems

Multi-Country  |  Multi-Language  |  Multi-Currency  |  Feature Rich Back Office Solution

OTI PetroSmart is a premium reseller of payment device management and transaction processing services designed specifically for managing and billing sales of petroleum products to commercial fleets customers. We partner with industry-leading fuel card management system providers to bring best-in-class integrated solutions to our customers of any size – from the largest oil companies to the smallest dealers. Our partner solutions have been carefully selected to ensure they meet the requirements of your business, including:

  • Account Set-up, Inquiry and Maintenance
  • Tag/Card Issuance
  • Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Pricing Profiles and Repricing
  • Discount Management
  • Risk Management
  • Invoicing & Settlement
corporate fleets

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