Contactless Ticketing

Cashless Payment Solution for Contactless Ticketing

OTI Europa ASEC ticket vending machines

OTI Europa ASEC ticket vending machines (“TVM’s”) comprising the ticket sales and distribution networks are highly specialized devices encoding and loading electronic card tickets for the public transportation, sell paper tickets and other electronic services. Passengers may pay cash (banknotes and coins) as well as pay with bank payment cards – contact, contactless and magstripe. All information concerning ticket purchase and TVM’s service are transmitted through a touch screen monitor on which the passenger choses the options interesting to him/her. The system’s software is provided by OTI Europa ASEC and is adjusted to the customer’s needs and requirements.

The TVMs allow:

  • Loading and sale of electronic contactless cards for public transport (periodical tickets, zone tickets, one-time tickets, etc.)
  • Sale of paper tickets
  • Loading of electronic parking fees on contactless cards
  • Loading of pre-paid cellular phone cards
  • Cash payment (banknotes and coins)
  • E-purse payment, payment through Visa and Mastercard payment cards (including contactless payment cards)
  • Servicing of city resident cards, tourist cards, social benefit cards and other
  • Possibility of maintaining of several ticketing and other systems on the same TVM
OTI Mass Transit Ticketing

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TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts