Commercial and Homebase

Automated Refueling Solution for Commercial and Homebase Fleet Operators

Commercial and Homebase fleet managers are in the business of running their vehicle fleets in the most efficient way possible. The rising cost of fuel is always a point of contention with businesses that manage large numbers of vehicles, and who are continually streamlining operations to save time and money.

We know your challenges
The more you know, the better prepared you will be to face these challenges, and tackle them head-on. Here are just a few of the fuel management difficulties facing commercial and homebase operators today:

Fuel Security

Probably the most important part of managing fuel is preventing fuel theft and to prevent fuel fraud by attendants and drivers. Unrecorded fuel usage, side fueling, card misuse, and tank siphoning are a costly reality faced by commercial fueling operations.

Manual Administration

Manual paperwork and labor intensive administration of fuel distribution are plagued with issues including data entry errors, mis-reading of odometers, mistakes with billing and invoicing, and difficulties involved with the audit process.


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