TMS – Terminal Management System Providing Control and Alerts

Scalable cloud-based system enabling operator to remotely manage their terminals’ fleet

A Terminal Management System (TMS) is a cloud based system that provides alerts and allows operators to manage their vending machines remotely. The Telemetry & Notifications Cloud based software provides control and insights of each machine and for the entire fleet.

Real-Time Alerts & Features

  • Real-time product, financial & technical data management
  • Real-time machine fleet monitoring
  • Real-time sales tracking and reporting
  • Cash control
  • Detailed technical monitoring
  • Customizable alerting schedules
  • Sales analysis per client/location/machine/ product
  • Remote machine configuration changes

TMS (Terminal Management System) Remote configuration and update capabilities

  • Manage both TeleBox controller and OTI cashless readers
    • Remote firmware update using OTI Secured boot client (FOTA)
    • Remote configuration update
    • Real-time terminal status and alerts
  • Remote access to terminal log files
  • Manage Operators, Users and Terminals
  • Reports in HTML and Excel formats

Management for Vending Operators

Combined with OTI VMS the solution provides complete vending operator business lifecycle management. The VMS works on more than 379 VM models of 40 VM manufacturers in 31 countries in 10 languages

  • Machine inventory / stock level tracking
  • Refill route planning and tasks
  • Mobile app for on-road personnel
  • Forecasting and planning tools
  • Real-time synchronization with leading vending ERP systems