otiMetry – Modular and cost-effective telemetry solution for smart vending and cashless payments

otiMetry incorporates telemetry, sales, operations, and marketing into an affordable all-inclusive solution that makes any vending business a smart and interactive one with real-time online management capabilities and alerts.

Modular and cost-effective telemetry solution for smart vending and cashless payments



  • Vending telemetry
  • Online management
  • Cash control
  • Route management
  • Inventory control
  • Instant alerts
  • Cashless/mobile payment
  • Integration with 3rd party (API)
  • Secured Over-the-Air Firmware and configuration update (FOTA)


  • Complete system for the unattended vending machine market
  • Managment of the entire business lifecycle, including:
    • Cashless payment
    • Terminal and VM online management
    • Telemetry: cash, stock, alerts, route planning, and business optimization
  • Modular approach:
    • Add/remove system modules to perfectly match your needs
    • Open platform for integrators to add their own modules

Standards Compliance

OTI standards compliancy ISO 2015

otiMetry Orba Case Study

Orba were looking for a complete Vending machine system solution that would also enable IZLY cards payment, a closed-loop campus card payment system. Izly allows students (and staff) to pay quickly, simply and securely by card or via a mobile phone apps. otiMetry was the perfect solution. It provides an advanced vending solution with a seamless payment system. In so doing, OTI’s solution delivers a positive consumer experience which significantly enhances the quality of student life.
otiMetry Orba Case study Download PDF

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