Cashless Payment

Cashless Payment Solutions for Vending, Unattended and Automated Retail, Self-Checkout, Self-Service Micro Markets

OTI offers a range of EMV certified cashless readers that support several types of cashless payment methods for various market needs. Consumers today carry limited amount of cash if any, yet shopping has become very accessible due to vending machines, self-service kiosks and other automated retail solutions. With internet connectivity becoming commonly available, the use of connected vending machines that incorporate cashless payments alongside with vending telemetry is increasing popularity. Such smart-vending machines can be seen today in many public areas such as train stations and even in workplaces. Countries and organizations today adopt digital cashless transactions as they bring in better transparency, scalability and accountability.

OTI Do-it-Yourself Self-Checkout

Cashless, Contactless, Mobile and Wearable Payment Systems

OTI payment readers and terminals supporting NFC, Contact EMV chip, wearable payments

If your consumers are in a hurry, missing exact change, OTI’s cashless readers accepts card payments made with credit, debit or prepaid cards, mobile payments using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, QR codes and SMS or even adopt to closed loop payment environment found in universities and workplaces.

OTI is a provider of modular and innovative cashless payment solutions for automated-retail, vending, self-service, self-checkout, IoT and wearables based on secure NFC technology. Our readers are all EMV certified and meet the highest security requirements.

OTI’s product portfolio includes a range of payment devices, readers and terminals certified by all the major credit card associations. All of the products are based on our rich patent and IP portfolio and offer customization and scalability to meet the needs required by either a small vending operator or by a multinational fashion corporation.

EMV Cashless Readers and Terminals

Cashless payment reader, also known as a cashless terminal or credit card terminal is a device which interfaces with payment cards to make electronic funds transfers. OTI cashless readers are certified by all major credit cards associations and support a combination of the following card acceptance technologies:

Contactless – NFC   |   Contact – EMV Chip    |   Magstripe – Magnetic Stripe

Ultra Compact NFC Contactless Reader
Ultra Compact FeliCa and NFC Contactless Reader
NFC and FeliCa Contactless Reader with Display
3-in-1 Contactless, Swipe & Chip Cashless Reader
EMV Pre-Certified Contactless OEM Reader Board

Cashless Payment Systems

Automated Retail  |  Vending  |  Micro Markets  |  Self-Checkout Kiosks  |  QSR

All-inclusive cashless payment and telemetry management system for smart vending machines
Retrofit coin-only pulse machine with cashless payment and connectivity
Self-checkout Kiosk, Off-the-shelf cashless payment and connectivity solution for self-checkout kiosks

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Vending Telemetry

OTI brings the vending and unattended markets a modular machine-to-machine solution that enables operator to remotely manage an individual machine or their entire fleet. Operators are informed in real-time of their machines’ status and stock levels and fillers are provided with optimized routes and items needed to be loaded resulting in higher visits capacity per filler and reduced operational costs.

Machine telemetry controller
Multi-service M2M gateway, including Full HD Streaming

Cloud Based Management Suites

Cloud based software provides control and insights of each machine and for the entire fleet.
Remote confguration and update capabilities


VMS - Vending Management System


TMS - Terminal Management System providing control and alerts

Wearables and IoT

OTI’s wearable technologies provide users with the ability to add payment – either credit card based or closed-loop, loyalty, membership, gift-cards and more to any wearable garment, accessory, gadget device.

Secure Payment Enabler for Any Device
Wearable Secure Payment and Authentication