OTI’s Solutions for Digital Banking, eBanking and Bank Branches Replacement

Smart Banking – the evolution of online banking, eBanking and digital banking

People use their smartphones for doing many other things then just simply call someone. Wherever we may be, a smartphone usually would be found nearby. With their high level of security, smartphones are suitable for on-the-go banking requirements. Banks today offer different products to meet your online and mobile banking needs. Today’s mobile banking apps allow their customers to check balances, make payments, transfer funds, and find branch locations. But what about activities that require a physical intervention such as deposit checks? How does the mobile banking can help here? Using OTI’s technologies for smart ATM and smart banking, banks can escalate their on-the-go banking services to higher levels.

Solutions for Digital Banking

Full service banking with 24/7/365 availability

The percentage of Americans who primarily use digital banking is constantly on the rise. But the service level is of eBanking is limited. Many bank branches have ATM machines but can you deposit a check at an ATM? or can you deposit cash to ATM? Probably not. That’s where OTI’s technology gets into the picture and can convert existing ATM machines to Smart ATM.

OTI On the Go Banking

OTI’s Solution for On-the-Go Banking – the evolution of online banking, eBanking and digital banking

OTI Smart ATMs

OTI’s solutions for Smart ATM providing secure, fast, simple and convenient banking, 24 hours a day.