OTI Wearable Payment Devices Offering Customer Loyalty and In-Store Promotions


PayCapsule-Flex – Wearable Secure Payment and Authentication

OTI’s PayCapsule-Flex is a NFC contactless, waterproof, secure wearable technology, that stores payment information along with personal identification used for making authenticated and secured transactions. PayCapsule-Flex can be encapsulated into nearly any fashionable garment or wearable accessory, such as jewelry, sportsware, fitness bracelets, and watchbands.


PayCapsule Payment for any Wearable, Jewelry, Consumer Gadget or Accessory

PayCapsule – Secure Payment Enabler for Any Device

OTI’s PayCapsule is a NFC contactless secure element that stores payment information used for making authenticated and secured transactions and purchases. PayCapsule can be encapsulated into almost any consumer gadget device or accessory and is small enough to fit into a watch, a key fob or even a ring jewelry.


Secure NFC Smart Card dongle

WAVE – Secure NFC Smart Card dongle

WAVE adds NFC, contactless payment and Mifare capabilities to existing iOS or Android based mobile devices. While being completely SIM independent, WAVE is operating system and handset agnostic.

WAVE offers banks, MNOs and mass transit operators a cost-effective, after-market mobile payment addon option, with quick time-to-market. With WAVE, new NFC payment services can be rapidly rolled out to create new revenue opportunities, all with minimal investment and overhead.

Flexible as well as cost-effective, installing the WAVE dongle to any handset requires no more than plugging it into the audio socket. (more…)