oti Solutions for Vending and Unattended Machines Including Payment, Telemetry, Remote Management and Alerts

GoBox m2m gateway

GoBox – M2M Gateway

GoBox – M2M Multi-Services Enablement and Cashless Payment Gateway for Unattended Retail Machines

Raising the bar on machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, including Full-HD Video streaming

Contactless Reader

SATURN 6500 TRIO – 3-in-1 Contactless, Chip and Magstripe Reader

oti TRIO credit card reader is a modular payment device that can support up to three cashless payment interfaces in one small stylish enclosure. The reader is specifically designed for installation in vending machines to allow cashless payment with magnetic payment cards, as well as mobile (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay), EMV chip and contactless payment cards (NFC).

oti Saturn 6500 DUO Cashless Reader

SATURN 6500 DUO – Contactless and Magstripe Cashless Reader

Designed for outdoor use, oti SATURN 6500 is a secured contactless NFC card reader built specifically for the unattended market, providing quick and easy support for electronic and mobile payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

CONNECT-3000-Machine-to-Machine Telemetry ontroller

CONNECT 3000 – M2M Telemetry Controller

oti CONNECT 3000 is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) controller designed to enable communication between machines, particularly vending machines, kiosks and meters via various optional communication methods allowing operators to easily remotely manage and be notified about a specific machine or the entire fleet.

oti SCI-6000 OEM Cashless Reader

SCI 6100 – OEM Cashless Reader

The oti SCI 6100 OEM reader module is a compact and cost effective contactless card reader board, designed for easy integration into terminals such as POS, mass transit validators, vending machines, etc.