oti’s Subsidiary Companies


oti PetroSmart – Fuel Management and Payment

oti PetroSmart, a wholly owned subsidiary of oti, was established in 2000 and is positioned as the exclusive Value Added Reseller of oti’s Petroleum Products globally and enjoys designated distribution rights in respect of MediSmart and oti’s Payment Products.

EasyFuelPlus is OTI PetroSmart’s scalable automated fuel management and payment solution aimed at ensuring that the right amount of the right type of fuel is dispensed into the right vehicle. EasyFuel Plus is based on oti’s state-of-the-art contactless smart card technology platform, providing customers with maximum flexibility and security.

Parx – Wise Parking Solutions

Parx – Wise Parking Solutions

PARX Ltd. provides parking payment and parking management solutions and systems to municipalities and parking operators across the world.

EasyPark is a fully integrated parking fee collection and parking management solution. Encompassing the full scope of parking operations from both the municipal and driver sides, EasyPark enables cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, increase compliance, reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and provide better service to drivers and residents.

PARX’s EasyPark system has been successfully deployed in markets around the globe for the past decade, delivering significant benefits to all stakeholders including municipalities, franchisees, parking managers and operators, enforcement authorities and drivers.

ASEC S.A. – Mass Transit Ticketing

ASEC S.A. – Mass Transit Ticketing

ASEC S.A. was founded in 1997 and in October 2004 has become a member of the OTI Group. ASEC designs, develops, implements and distributes multi-application smart card based systems and solutions such as city transport and parking systems.

ASEC became the leading provider of contactless city transport and parking systems in Poland after ASEC’s system for public communications (metro, tramways, buses) and parking was installed in the city of Warsaw in 2004. ASEC has also become a premier provider in Poland of contactless prepaid card systems based on GSM communications, while delivering such a system to be installed in 2 500 press kiosks all over Poland.

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