oti is an innovative developer of NFC-based secure cashless, mobile, IoT and wearable payment solutions


PayCapsule-Flex – Secure Contactless Wearable Payment Device

Small enough to fit into a wristband, a cuff or even a ring jewelry. The PayCapsule-Flex offers great flexibility and can be used to make payments wherever contactless payments are accepted.

oti UNO - Small size NFC contactless Apple Pay, Android Pay and credit card reader

UNO – ultra-compact Apple Pay™, Android Pay and NFC contactless cashless reader

The small-size flush mount design is ideal for unattended self-service kiosks payment stations, ATMs and more.

TRIO – 3-in-1 Contactless Reader

TRIO Reader is a modular payment device that supports up to 3 cashless payment interfaces including contactless and mobile payments, EMV chip and Magstripe in one stylish enclosure


otiMetry – Smart Vending IoT Telemetry

Modular and cost-effective telemetry solution for connected cashless smart vending machines

WAVE – Secure NFC Smart Card Dongle

Small form-factor secure NFC Smart Card dongle supporting multiple applications.

Secure NFC Smart Card dongle

Subsidiary Companies


oti PetroSmart provides EasyFuel Plus a scalable automated fuel management and payment solution

ASEC S.A. – Mass Transit Ticketing

ASEC S.A. provides smart card based systems for urban transport and mass-ticketing